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Strides for Success reserves the right to update or change the terms of service at any time, without notice.  Any new content, audio lessons, bundles, features shall be subject to the terms of service.

Violation of these terms will lead to the termination of your account.  While Strides for Success does its best to ensure that the content and information you receive is fit for the purpose suggested, we cannot be held responsible as to how you use the content and also the content or suggestions that may be posted by other members etc.   You are essentially agreeing to use this service at your own risk.

Riding Indemnity:

  1. You acknowledge and accept that the dangers inherent in horse riding are considerable and you understand the nature of the risk.
  2. You accept and voluntarily assume the risk inherent in your participation in horse riding activities and you, together with your heirs, executors and administrators hereby release Strides for Success, its officers, servants, agents and representatives, from any duty or care towards you, in connection with your participation in horse riding, and from liability from all or any claims that could accrue to you or your heirs, executors and administrators arising out of your participation in horse riding or in any related activities, or of any loss of, or damage to you or your property (whether physical, emotional and/or financial), from any cause whatsoever and you further indemnify and hold harmless associated persons against any claims howsoever the same may arise.
  3. Such horse riding activities will include but not be limited to riding, working with horses on foot, generally being in the vicinity of horses for the purposes of the listening to instruction or any other activity undertaken by the listeners of the audio horse riding lessons.
  4. I further acknowledge that no protective riding equipment is provided by Strides for Success and that the use of such equipment, especially a protective helmet is recommended. Should I wish to make use of such equipment it will be my responsibility to provide it.
  5. Strides for Success undertakes to conduct the instruction in a safe and organised fashion and to use all reasonable precaution to ensure my safety through guidance. However, it is up to me to assess if I can safely carry out each individual movement, or exercise without risk of falling off or similar.

Fit for Riding Premium Indemnity

  1. The exercises and workouts inside of the Fit for Riding Premium are merely a guideline or suggestion of what you can do.
  2. Strides for Success and its officers, servants, agents and representatives are not fitness instructors or coaches.  Nor are they medical professionals.
  3. All exercises are done at your own risk
  4. We highly recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner before starting any fitness or health plan

Account Terms:

  1. Your login may only be used by one person; you may not share your login information for others to access and use.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your account & password.
  3. All content posted using your account is your responsibility.