As part of your Equestrian Fitness Challenge you have access to daily podcast episodes that will help keep you motivated and give you ideas regarding improving your riding.

They are short, about 10 minutes each, and created with the intention that you listen while working out or on your walk.

  • You must COPY the following link – DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!

From here, it depends on what type of phone you are using…

Apple iPhone – Podcast App

  • 1. Open the Podcast App on your phone
  • 2. Select the ‘Library’ from the menu along the bottom of the screen
  • 3. Click the ‘Edit’ on the top right corner of your screen
  • 4. Select the “Add a Podcast by URL…” option
  • 5. Paste the link into the provided space
  • 6. Click “Subscribe”
  • 7. A big grey ‘Check Mark’ will appear on your screen to say you are subscribed
  • 8. While still in Library, click on ‘Shows’
  • 9. Scroll down to the podcasts beginning with the letter E until you find the ‘Equestrian Fitness Challenge 2019 with Lorna Leeson’
  • 10. Click on the purple circle with the three white circles in it
  • 11. Choose the ‘Settings’ option (third option)
  • 12. Choose to switch on Subscribed and Notifications
  • 13. Choose ‘Custom Settings’
  • 14. Episode Order ‘Oldest to Newest’

This will ensure that your episodes play in order, beginning with Day 1, rather than backwards.

If you are not an iPhone or Apple user

  • 1. You will have to download one of the apps available for listening to podcasts
  • 2. We suggest Podcast Addict
  • 3. When you have decided on an app, download it
  • 4. In Podcast Addict, select ‘Podcasts’ from dropdown menu on the top left of the screen
  • 5. A new dropdown menu will open with a + in a circle in the centre at the bottom of the menu, select this
  • 6. Select the same icon from the top right corner of the screen
  • 7. Choose “RSS feed, YouTube/Twitch Channel…” option
  • 8. Paste the link into the area where you can add a podcast or RSS feed
  • 9. Listen to the Podcast :)

***  The programs begin on Day 1 – regardless of what date you join the challenge  ***

Remember, when you subscribe to the ‘Feed’ initially, the Equestrian Fitness Challenge podcast episodes will show up as Day 1 being the ‘oldest’ and it will try to play the newest first. 

Most apps will automatically download the ‘newest’ which won’t make much sense

You will have to manually change or configure this in your specific settings for this podcast in your chosen App.

Happy Riding